ID8 Architecture Celebrates 5th Anniversary this Small Business Week

ID8 Architecture Celebrates 5th Anniversary this Small Business Week Main Photo

1 May 2023


This Cinco de Mayo marks the 5th anniversary of ID8Architecture! To celebrate, the multi-professional design studio will be holding an open house that day from 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. The event happens to be taking place during National Small Business Week, the perfect time to recognize this small business.

ID8Architecture was founded by Angela Boersma in 2018, and officially opened its doors on May 5th. The small business has flourished considerably in its Downtown Brookings location since then. 

In January 2022, Boersma and two business partners founded Orenda Group, LLC, and purchased the building next door to the previous ID8 office to expand the business location. The ID8 and Orenda Group teams have been working on renovating it since.

“The open house is a combination of celebrating our new office location, celebrating five years in business, and giving people a chance to visit an architectural office,” Boersma said.

Small Businesses Make a Big Difference in Brookings

According to a publication by the South Dakota Department of Labor & Education, businesses with fewer than 10 employees are considered small businesses and make up approximately 80 percent of all establishments in South Dakota. The state’s small businesses employ 72,000 of its residents, the equivalent of one out of five wage and salaried employees in South Dakota. 

“There are great resources for small businesses in Brookings in the form of other successful small business owners who can serve as mentors and peers in that space,” Boersma said. “The right client base and the right attitude about growth and building and doing it well are all part of how Brookings approaches downtown buildings, new builds, and campus work.”

Boersma is not only the founder, but also the Principal Architect and Interior Designer of ID8Architecture. She also sits on the Brookings Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors. Before opening ID8, she was the Design Director for Mills Construction Inc. and a lecturer at South Dakota State University.

ID8 is built on relationships with various community members and other small businesses. As the company continues to grow, those relationships make it possible to help spur the growth of other small businesses in Brookings.

“Brookings is a place that is super supportive of its small business industry,” Boersma said. “For me, the relationships that I had developed in Brookings made it really easy to seamlessly branch out and start ID8.”

More About ID8Architecture 

The multidisciplinary design studio combines architecture and interior design to deliver a high-quality service to their customers. Through creative designs and top-tier craftsmanship, the designers are dedicated to making memorable pieces that make an impact. They work hard to ensure that clients receive everything they hoped for. 

ID8 specializes in designing multi-family and custom residential spaces along with retail and corporate scenes, assisted living facilities, and hospitality spaces. Overall, ID8’s work includes but is not limited to homes, retail settings, offices, restaurants, schools, master planning, and more.

Our team at the Brookings Economic Development Corporation makes it a goal to spotlight small businesses that are located throughout our city. We would like to say thank you to ID8Architecture and all of the other small businesses in Brookings for helping our community grow!

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