Nominations for Brookings Small Business Week Awards are Due Friday!

Nominations for Brookings Small Business Week Awards are Due Friday! Main Photo

12 Apr 2023


The Business Resource Committee under the Brookings Area Chamber of Commerce and the Brookings Economic Development Corporation are ready for your nominations for the 2023 Brookings Area Small Business Awards. Nominations are due this Friday! 

Please nominate a small business before the deadline by completing this online form. Award winner announcements will take place during National Small Business Week, April 30 through May 6th. Small Business Week occurs annually during the first week of May.

After you’ve submitted your nominee, you can still celebrate Small Business Week by supporting your local small businesses in Brookings, SD. This week provides a chance to celebrate their success and offer support.

How to Support Small Businesses in Brookings, SD

Locally-owned businesses help to define the character of our community. Residents of Brookings make memories while visiting the various small businesses Downtown, where the owners know your name and your go-to meals and products. Small Business Week offers an opportunity for Brookings locals to support these businesses.

Supporting small businesses in Brookings will help support the local economy. In 2018, American Express reported that on average, two-thirds of every dollar spent at a small business within the United States will stay within the local community. Supporting the local economy can be as easy as buying products from a downtown shop.

While purchasing items in-store and online from a local shop, eatery, cafe, or florist goes a long way, there are also some other ways to contribute to their progress. Here are a few suggestions: 

  • Use social media to display unique finds or delicious meals that you purchased from a small business in Brookings. Be sure to tag that company in your post!
  • Purchase a gift card from a local shop or restaurant to give to a friend or family member. Introducing them to that business will open the door to another potential customer.
  • Purchase products or meals at their full price. Deals are fantastic, but don’t wait for that coupon or sale to support these businesses. Buy something today!
  • When dining out at a local restaurant, leave a big tip. Try to tip more than 20 percent.
  • Sign up to receive the company’s emails and newsletters. This is a convenient way to receive information on the latest deals, news on upcoming sales and events, and more.
  • Mention them on Nextdoor. Recommending your favorite local small business on Nextdoor is helpful to families and individuals who recently moved to the area. 
  • Do more research online to discover small businesses in Brookings. Use this search tool offered by American Express to find small businesses near you.

Small businesses in Brookings and everywhere have so much to offer to their community. Not only do they provide local jobs, but they also help grow the local economy and create a vibrant community atmosphere. Without a doubt, they deserve to be celebrated.

Thank You to All Our Small Businesses in Brookings!

The team at Brookings Economic Development Corporation would like to send a huge thank you to the small businesses that make Brookings a wonderful place to live and work. We recognize and appreciate the invaluable contribution that you make to the Brookings community. 

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