Industries Growing in Brookings, SD

Brookings has benefited from continued population and economic growth. With South Dakota State University calling the city home, Brookings is a popular destination for students, faculty, entrepreneurs and innovators. Global companies like Daktronics launched out of SDSU and have made Brookings their permanent home. Other companies are leveraging SDSU’s research and resources as a way to escalate innovation. 

As a South Dakota community, Brookings is surrounded by agricultural land and these natural resources are fueling the precision agriculture, agriculture and animal health industries. Medgene Labs, for example, helps veterinarians and producers nationwide with immunological products and services. 

Manufacturing companies like 3M and Larson, America’s #1 selling storm door company, are also located in Brookings. Bel Brands has invested over $140 million in their state-of-the-art plant in Brookings, making it their flagship plant for automation, equipment, processing, and efficiency. Prairie Aquatech has a research and development facility in addition to a plant where they are producing better ingredients for better feed and food, used by farmers and aquaculture professionals nationwide. These companies, along with energy, agricultural, science, health and startup companies have found that the low cost of doing business, strategic location and skilled workforce found in Brookings are the ingredients for business success. 

Precision Agriculture 

"Brookings and SDSU are at the forefront of both a grand challenge and opportunity - to feed a growing world population sustainably with fewer resources." Dr. Barry Dunn, President, South Dakota State University. Two of the largest seed testing labs in SD are in Brookings.


Brookings has developed a legacy in the manufacturing industry and is the second largest manufacturing community in South Dakota. Home to companies like 3M and Daktronics, our skilled workforce supports industry growth.

Animal and Human Health

Animal and human health businesses are leveraging the natural resources and talent found in Brookings to make an outsized impact. Medgene Labs, for example, helps veterinarians nationwide and Brookings Health System cares for the health needs of the region’s residents. 

Renewable Energy

Brookings is a hub for renewable energy research and development. Partnerships are in place to develop, distribute and implement significant advances in bio-based energy technologies that benefit the entire country.


Brooking’s Start-Up Hub supports ideas, innovation and entrepreneurship by providing proactive and hands-on support to entrepreneurs. We find solutions, make connections and collaborate to help entrepreneurs on their startup journey.

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