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Vision Brookings I

In 2005, Brookings, South Dakota, community leaders came together in an unprecedented show of solidatiry to ensure the economic prosperity of the region for many years to come. Three organizations - Brookings Economic Development Corporation, the Brookings Area Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Bureau, and Downtown Brookings, Inc.- pooled their resources to create a new organization known as Vision Brookings Coalition.

The coalition launched Vision Brookings I (called Vision Brookings 2010), an aggressive five-year community and economic development initiative to provide the funds to encourage growth, address workforce needs, spur entrepreneurship and create collective wealth. The campaign raised over $2.7 million in cash investments from private businesses. The Management Committee and the Board of Advisors used these funds to leverage additional funds from other public and private sectors.


Vision Brookings II

The wise use of the funds invested and leveraged in Vision Brookings I resulted in a strong case for continuing Vision Brookings for another five years.

Vision Brookings II was launched in 2012 and will be completed at the end of 2016, and raised $2.1M in cash investments.

The combined investments of Vision Brookings I and Vision Brookings II totaled nearly $5 milllion. These funds were used to leverage an additional $24.8 million for Brookings area development projects, increasing the total contributions to over 6x the initial investments.

Campaign Summary




Vision Brookings III

While Vision Brookings I and II supported the development of infrastructure and community and economic growth programs, Vision Brookings III seeks to grow the economy by building on prior investments and successes while focusing on the region's major issues and opportunities: workforce, business development and entrepreneurship.

Goals: Retain, attract, and educate a sustainable workforce for employers, and cultivate new business opportunities and grow existing relationships.

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Hear From Our Investors

Kevin Tetzlaff

Kevin Tetzlaff - First Bank & Trust

"A tremendous amount of untapped growth exists within the Brookings area. However, much of this growth is contingent upon our ability to better align our development efforts with advancements taking place at South Dakota State University. Further development of the Research Park, science and technology business development, and recruitment are needed to move forward."

Reece Kurtenbach

Reece Kurtenbach - Daktronics

"Brookings is a growing and prosperous community, thanks to the support and investment of our community members. One of our highest leverage investments is to Vision Brookings, which has matched our investments 6:1 with funding from other sources to stimulate key growth drivers and accelerate Brookings’ momentum. We are excited about the future of Brookings, for our company and for our employees."

Mike Ningen

Mike Ningen - Clites Electric

"For the past ten years the Brookings area has experienced substantial growth as the result of a strong business community and partnerships between the private and public sectors. Investments by private partners in Vision Brookings projects, such as housing market studies and business development sites and infrastructure, have helped propel the community forward. Vision Brookings III initiatives will continue to create demand for new residential and commercial construction."

Randy Hanson

Randy Hanson - Mills Construction

"Workforce acquisition and development has been a long standing issue and concern for employers of all type in the Brookings region.  Several important projects funded through Vision Brookings, such as the South Dakota Education Campus and BEDC’s new Workforce Development Director have been, and will continue to, address these challenges through workforce education, training and recruitment."

Jeff Rief

Jeff Rief - Larson Manufacturing

"We are fortunate to live in a community that is rated as one of the best in the county to live, work and play. It takes strategy and leadership and to make that happen. Vision Brookings investments in programs like Downtown Brookings, the Outdoor Adventure Center and the Leadercast event help create a high quality community and atmosphere that not only engages residents but also improves our ability to attract and retain a superior workforce."

Reva Johnson

Reva Johnson - The UPS Store

"As a small business owner, I am interested in being connected and engaged with the community. I would also like to see Brookings continue to grow and thrive. Vision Brookings provides the platform for private business leaders to impact significant, positive change."


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