Lash Spa Brookings Entrepreneur Spotlight

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29 Feb 2024

Entrepreneur Spotlight

When Savannah Thorne moved from Southern California to the Midwest, she realized there were very few options for higher-end esthetics services, so she decided to bring these services to the area with Lash Spa Brookings.

After 5 years in operation, Savannah was approached by individuals interested in becoming licensed estheticians. Obtaining a license through a standard esthetics school can require students to join [up to] a 2 year waitlist. Realizing these roadblocks existed, Savannah created South Dakota's first esthetics-only apprenticeship program.

The apprenticeship program provides participants with 600 hours of esthetics training, fast tracking students to their license and career, while keeping the integrity of their education. This free education program benefits everyone involved by providing lower cost options for clientele receiving services, and a hands-on learning environment for students.

Applications open bi-annually and require applicants to submit a resume, cover letter, and strong references to ensure their skills and goals align with the expectations of Lash Spa's licensed instructors. Their apprenticeship program is regulated by the South Dakota Cosmetology Commission, and
currently has two instructors, with one more on the way. So far with 7 successfully graduated apprentices, Lash Spa has had a 100% graduation, test-passing, and job placement rate.

Stay tuned, as some big and exciting changes are in the works for this growing program, in hopes to better accommodate students and clients in the near future. If you are interested in services as a client, or information as a potential student, check out their website!

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