Thriving Minds Entrepreneur Spotlight

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25 Oct 2023

Entrepreneur Spotlight

Barb Rounds, the founder and owner of Thriving Minds, has a deep-seated passion for helping people with dyslexia find the right learning path for them. Having worked as a reading interventionist and having personally experienced aiding her son through his struggles with reading and writing, she realized the need for dyslexia services in the area and sought out certification from the Orton Gillingham Program.

With her certification and with mentoring from Kim Carson, a former teacher and dyslexia consultant, Barb was able to bring new and needed dyslexia services to the Brookings area. Thriving Minds serves the unique needs of three-dimensional learners in all aspects of development utilizing creativity, tactile, and kinesthetic methods to fit each students learning style.

As a strong believer in making education fun, Barb creates an environment of trust and compassion that pushes learners to stretch themselves while ensuring they have the tools to succeed. She loves to encourage students, helping them believe in themselves and showing them that they have great potential.

If you are interested in Thriving Minds Services or would like to contact Barb you can visit Thriving Minds website or email her at

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