Brookings Implements Economic Development Master Plan for 2023 through 2027

Brookings Implements Economic Development Master Plan for 2023 through 2027 Main Photo

14 Sep 2023


The Brookings Economic Development Corporation is partnering with other community organizations to execute the City of Brookings Community Economic Development Master Plan. Together with the Brookings Chamber, Research Park, Downtown Brookings, Visit Brookings, and the City of Brookings, we developed a 5-year strategic plan to help support focused areas of economic growth in Brookings.

The plan involves seven goals that are divided across the six partners. Together, we will strategize events, programs, and more that spur discussion among businesses and community leaders on how to best support the needs of the Brookings community moving forward.

Assessment Findings

Resonance conducted a comprehensive demographic and economic assessment that measured Brookings’ performance across different metrics compared to benchmark communities. The Competitive Benchmarking Assessment and the Target Cluster Analysis evaluated business clusters in Brookings to guide efforts in attracting companies to the city and expanding businesses in the area.

Stakeholder engagement was another key component used to gather input for the plan. Discussion topics included growing an entrepreneurial ecosystem, promoting Brookings’ quality of life and business atmosphere, and more. A resident survey and a business survey were distributed with the help of the City Manager’s Office.

Ten major findings from the research helped us devise the Master Plan. The following information was essential to designing effective strategies to enhance the City of Brookings.

  1. Brookings is a fast-growing community with the best of both worlds.
  2. Brookings has strong economic output and income growth.
  3. Brookings has competitive export clusters—a foundation for a strong, diverse economic base.
  4. With strong liveability assets, Brookings is a great place for boomerang talent.
  5. Brookings has the foundation—research institution, skill talent, quality of place, a pro-business climate, and more—to grow a robust Ag Innovation and Bioprocessing sector.
  6. Brookings has access to a strong university asset in SDSU, but it could be leveraged more.
  7. Brookings has a growing entrepreneurial community that needs more support.
  8. Brookings has a limited supply of real estate on the market.
  9. Diversity is what makes Brookings great.
  10. Placemaking investments would further support place-led economic growth in Brookings.   

Brookings Community Economic Development Master Plan 2023-2027 Explained

The City of Brookings Community Economic Development Master Plan 2023-2027 focuses on the following seven main goals.

  1. Investment for future prosperity. We will attract investment to grow Brookings’ economy and create generational prosperity. 
  2. South Dakota-grown and scaled. We will build Brookings into the premier entrepreneurial community in America’s Heartland. 
  3. Prairie innovation. We will bring passionate innovators, academics, and investors together to create an inclusive innovation hub. 
  4. Skills for tomorrow. We will invest in the diverse talent that will fuel the future of our community. 
  5. “Anything but ordinary.” We will promote and celebrate Brookings as an extraordinary destination for families, professionals, students, and visitors of all walks.
  6. Intentional, authentic storytelling. We will promote Brookings’ story. 
  7. Effective implementation. We will build an economic development ecosystem that effectively supports the implementation of this strategy.

For more details about the City of Brookings Community Economic Development Master Plan 2023-2027, feel free to call our team at the Brookings Economic Development Corporation. We can be reached at (605) 697-8103 or



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