Help Us Support Entrepreneurs in Brookings, SD this National Entrepreneurship Month!

Help Us Support Entrepreneurs in  Brookings, SD this National Entrepreneurship Month! Main Photo

27 Oct 2022


Brookings Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) will be celebrating local entrepreneurs and their accomplishments this November for National Entrepreneurship Month! Entrepreneurs throughout Brookings, South Dakota are hard at work developing the newest products and innovations, and in turn, strengthening our economy.

In 2021, the United States was ranked as the world’s most entrepreneurial country. Now in 2022, the U.S. was ranked as the top country with the most business startups and the strongest startup ecosystem by StartupBlink’s Global Startup Ecosystem Index 2022.

Startups have the potential to grow into small businesses, which made up 99.9 percent of businesses in the U.S. last year. That comes to approximately 32.5 million U.S. small businesses. It’s vital to continue to recognize and support these well-deserving local mom-and-pop shops with how much they contribute to the economy. 

The Importance of National Entrepreneurship Month

While National Entrepreneurship Month is observed throughout November, National Entrepreneurs' Day takes place on the third Tuesday of November every year, occurring this year on the 15th. These celebrations help pay tribute to the U.S. entrepreneurs whose efforts consistently better the economy and whose products, services, and inventions assist in growing the future. 

Entrepreneurship involves individuals who have a mission to provide exceptionally improved or enhanced products or services to customers. Entrepreneurs should be honored and appreciated for a handful of reasons, including the production of upgraded goods and services. Startups that blossom into small businesses also create jobs. As more new companies take off, more job opportunities open up. 

Support New Businesses in Brookings

BEDC would like to spotlight entrepreneurs throughout Brookings this National Entrepreneurship Month. We greatly admire them for their dedication to launching their brands. We appreciate that their efforts strengthen the national and local economies.

The staff members at BEDC are proud that so many talented entrepreneurs call Brookings home. For example, Query.AI and Kevin & Kaia are two thriving businesses that began as a startup in Brookings. These along with so many others deserve continuous support from community members and customers. 

How You Can Celebrate Brookings Entrepreneurs

One way to connect with startups in Brookings this National Entrepreneurship Month—or any time of year—is to attend some local upcoming events. Local industry events and farmers markets make it convenient to network with new entrepreneurs and business owners in the area, and they're usually easy to find if you do your research.

For example, you can always investigate CO.STARTERS to find events and programs in Brookings where you can learn about nearby startups. You can also attend the graduation event for BEDC’s current class on November 22 at the Research Park. This provides a chance to meet potential business partners or mentors and to chat with local startups, investors, innovators, and more. There will also be a social at 5:30 p.m. and a short program starting at 6 p.m.

Be sure to gather social media accounts for all the interesting entrepreneurs you meet in Brookings so that you can follow and keep up with what’s going on in their businesses. To take it a step further with showing your support, share their posts and stories across your own social media. Share what you know about entrepreneurs in Brookings this National Entrepreneurship Month so that other locals can discover the remarkable innovations coming their way!

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