Brookings is an Ideal Location for Companies in These Industries

11 Jul 2022


Companies in many industries thrive here in Brookings, SD! Brookings is home to South Dakota University which makes it a popular place for students, faculty, entrepreneurs, and innovators to call home. As a proud city in South Dakota, Brookings is surrounded by agricultural land waiting to be developed. This makes Brookings the perfect place for companies in agriculture looking to utilize the city’s natural resources!

Companies in These Industries are Thriving in Brookings, SD

Animal and Human Health companies are taking advantage of Brookings talent. For instance, Medgene Labs helps veterinarians nationwide with immunological products and services. Manufacturing is another industry that is thriving here in Brookings. Companies like 3M and Larson are located in Brookings and finding major success here! Renewable Energy and Startup companies are also finding a successful home here. Click here to learn more about Brookings’s target industries and why more companies are choosing Brookings as a location!

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