What Makes Brookings Unique? Why Is It a Good Place to Live?

Brookings, South Dakota is not what people expect to find in the rural midwest. Because Brookings is home to South Dakota State University, a premier land grant university, the city is home to people from over 85 countries. Students and faculty come to Brookings and when they do, the culture of the city is enriched. 

Brookings has abundant cultural amenities that are typically only found in large cities. For example, Brookings has a children’s museum, art museum, and two performing arts/event centers for live performances. SDSU regularly puts on cultural and educational events and college sports provide entertainment throughout the year. When combined with a thriving downtown, shopping, restaurants and nightlife, Brookings offers an incredible lifestyle.

Brookings vs. a Larger City

Brookings has cultural amenities, sports, dining and boutiques. What it doesn’t have is traffic, crime, and high taxes. It’s true that larger cities have more of everything, but some of those things aren’t what families want - including higher crime and a high cost of living. That’s why many families are choosing to move to Brookings where they can be safe, get a good education, afford to buy a house and enjoy cultural and outdoor amenities. Plus, the smaller size of Brookings contributes to a strong philanthropic and community-driven mindset. People are involved and each resident has the chance to make a difference.





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