Move to Brookings & Save Money

The cost of living is 18% lower in Brookings, SD than the national average (Best Places). For families or retirees moving from high cost of living areas like coastal cities, the savings will be even greater, as these areas have higher than average housing costs. 

Savings can be experienced in other areas as well, such as transportation. The transportation costs in Brookings are just 60% of the national average! When combined with how easy it is to get around, due to a lack of traffic, it’s common for people to see a significant decrease in their gas bill every month. Healthcare and utilities also cost less than the national average in Brookings, making the community a more affordable place to live overall. 

Tax Savings

In addition to a lower cost of living, South Dakota residents benefit from low taxes. In South Dakota, there is no personal income tax or personal property tax - something that is attractive for retirees moving here from other states. Businesses also benefit from a positive tax structure with no state corporate income tax.

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