Childcare Directory

Name Cell Phone Email Town  
Amber Dubro 605-695-2506 Brookings  
Angie Ringheimer 605-695-1502 Volga  
Ashley Collins 605-690-8943 Brookings Registered Family Day Care
Bev Begalka 605-627-5119 Volga Registered Family Day Care
Boys & Girls Club of Brookings 605-692-3333   Brookings  
Clubhouse Preschool 605-692-3333   Brookings  
DiscoveryKidz Childcare and Learning 605-691-3372 Brookings  
Early Learning Center of Brookings 605-696-7488 Brookings Licensed Daycare Center
Great After School Place 605-692-8066 Brookings Licensed Daycare Center
Imagination Station Daycare 605-592-5089 Elkton  
Jami Dobesh 605-695-9985 Brookings Registered Family Day Care
jennifer Hoffman 605-690-3884 Brookings Registered Family Day Care
Jessie Waldner 605-592-6785 Brookings  
JoAnne Cushing 605-695-0464 Brookings Registered Family Day Care
Kailey Mikkelson 605-321-5934 Brookings  
Katie McCaskill 605-940-8703 Brookings  
Kaylee Johnson 605-690-0592 Brookings  
Kelli Fixsen 605-697-7057 Brookings Registered Family Day Care
Krishna Hill 605-592-1231 Brookings  
Makeal Mohr 308-520-7712 Brookings  
Mallory Heimback 605-695-5369 White Registered Family Day Care
Ronda Buurman 605-692-7214 Brookings  
Samatha Intermill 605-530-1221 Brookings Registered Family Day Care
Vanessa Foley 605-656-6713 Brookings  


Brookings Economic Development Corporation DOES NOT endorse, warrant, guarantee or otherwise sponsor the kind or quality of the child care provided by the individuals, groups, schools, agencies, or organzations appearing in this directory.

In addition, we do not warrant the conditions or quality of the facilities themselves. 

The names of the organizations, providers, goverments offices and resources and referral agencies are for refernce purposes only.

BEDC is NOT recommending any of these child care porviders and instead is providing this list as a service to parents and others who have childcare needs

Parents and Guardians who are skeeing child care are responsible for researching, touring and otherwise vetting individual facilities, organizations, and individuals as it relates to child care.

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