A Growing, Educated Workforce

With South Dakota State University graduating nearly 2000 students each year and businesses hiring both skilled labor and professional positions, the Brookings region's workforce is diverse and constantly growing. From machinists to microbiologists, opportunities exist in every field.

•  From 2000-2009, Brookings boasts a 8.4% job
    growth rate.
•  Approximately 23% of SDSU's undergraduate
    student population of 12,583 are employed.
•  45% of Brookings residents age 25 and over hold
    a bachelors, graduate, or professional degree.
•  92.4% of Brookings County residents are high
    school graduates or higher.

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fast facts

•  The population of Brookings grew 20.1%
    from 2000 to 2011.

•  The county's median age is 26.3.

•  Brookings County's average wage in 2011
    was $33,331.

•  Total employment in the county grew by
    2,769 full and part-time employees from
    2001 to 2011.


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