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Brookings Economic Development CorporationBrookings Economic Development Corporation is the primary engine for promoting economic growth in Brookings, South Dakota and the surrounding area. BEDC serves as an advocate for the business community by building relationships with companies that allow them to succeed by taking advantage of the area's unique and progressive business environment.


BEDC offers several services to current and prospective businesses, including:                                                                          
•  property search and evaluation            
•  grant and financial packaging
•  negotiation of state incentives
•  wage and benefit surveys
•  community surveys
•  demographic database
•  tax phase-in processing
•  coordination with local municipalities
•  transportation improvement


BEDC has developed strong partnerships with key groups in order to provide the resources businesses need to achieve success. These partners include:

•  South Dakota State University
•  Research Park at SDSU
•  South Dakota Innovation Partners
•  Enterprise Institute
•  Brookings Area Chamber of Commerce
•  Brookings Convention & Visitors Bureau
•  Brookings County
•  City of Brookings
•  SD Governor's Office of Economic Development

Business Capital & Resources

•  investor networks and partnerships
•  commercialization resources
•  entrepreneur and new venture
•  SDSU research

Business Development Property

•  industrial business park space
•  university research park
•  business incubation facilities
•  revolving proof-of-concept lab facilities
•  mall and lifestyle center developments
•  high-quality office facilities




Build an economy that supports the community's vision of a quality place to live, work, and play.

Primary objectives

•  Retention and expansion of local
•  Attraction of new businesses and industry
    to Brookings County
•  Foster an environment for entrepreneurial
•  Retention and recruitment of a high
    performance workforce


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